#Jaye’s Journal: 13~19 August


After a better start to the month, when my Muse finally decided to cooperate, she/it has sloped off again. My normal early morning writing sessions have not been going well; consequently, WIP has not been getting any longer.

I must find something else to foster the creative spark in me, but this might be difficult, for even before I try, I have detected a certain miserableness creeping in. Obviously hell-bent on scuppering any or all of my endeavours.

This I think is because I have been feeling a little under the weather of late. That is such a weird expression, don’t you think?

Maybe it’s a hangover from the heatwave, but my get up and go has definitely walked!

Another reason for the blues is the garden. The grass, what was left of it, has grown long and I am not looking forward to cutting it.

Everything seems so difficult for me these days and even though I am willing, I quickly run out of steam and wish I hadn’t started.

Same goes for the dreaded 40-foot hedge in the garden. The heat has had the reverse effect on it and I may need a machete!

Although I have to ration my gardening into short bursts of activity, eventually the status quo should return, along with my Muse, I hope!

Back in the office, I have been doing battle with Amazon over some of our reviews. The ones we do for other writers.  I did a recent survey of every review we have ever done (according to our records) only to find about 15 are no longer on Amazon, if they ever were. I will gradually repost them all and pray they get published this time.

I am also having a problem with Chrome. I switched from Firefox because it was driving me nuts and now I have discovered that Chrome isn’t any better. I am having to copy and paste every comment I want to make when I visit other people’s blogs. If I don’t, they vanish into the ether!

Recently, I found myself reading the promo material from someone called Nick Stephenson and much of what he said actually made sense and sounded doable, so with a following wind, we may be able to get more proactive!

I have also been putting together the material needed for Craig Boyack’s muse, Lisa Burton for one of her interviews with one of our characters.  I am thinking of running a promo for Scarlet Ribbon in September, so this would fit in well.

On a lighter note, the road outside our front door has been repaired and we are finding tiny bits of sticky black tarmac all over our pale green hall carpet! I was despairing until I remembered we had a bottle of “Sticky Stuff” in the shed. This is for removing the residue from those annoyingly sticky labels. I tried it on the black marks and it worked a treat!

I love it when something actually does what it says on the tin…

See you all next week…

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  1. Odd that it’s happening with both search engines … congratulations on your ex-sticky carpet! 🙂 … a few things in the garden have gone berserk in the heat, and the smoke! I hope they retire for the winter so I can catch up with ’em.

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