The best worst train ride ever #humor #travel #London #pregnant

Barb Taub

Or…where I’ve been all summer (instead of writing).

My daughter has been in and out of hospital for the past few months, which was tough for her but lucky for me because it meant I could spend time with Grandchild#1 in London. It also meant I got to fully experience the Virgin er…experience. Trains, that is…

Take last week, for example, and my latest trip from Glasgow to London. As we were leaving Glasgow, the train was delayed about an hour because of a “passenger issue”. According to the conductor, the passenger’s concept of issue-resolution involved punching the engineer. The train then had to wait for police to remove the issue-puncher, and replace the understandably nonplussed engineer. I don’t actually know how much of this really happened, and how much was enhanced by the gossip as it finally reached our car, but the reaction was a universal shrug accompanied by…

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