#Jaye’s Journal 2-8 July



I didn’t think I would have anything worth writing about this week, what with the unbearably hot weather. I hate to be too hot so my temper has been fighting my depression all week, and I’m still not sure who is winning.

It is too hot to do anything much, so any housework and gardening is out of the question. I have given some of the more delicate plants a drink of water, mindful of the approaching hosepipe ban. My bonsai are all right, as they have their very own rainwater butt. It is getting a bit low, so I hope it rains soon!

Everywhere I look the grass is dying, turning into pale crunchy straw almost overnight. The sight of all the devastation made me sad when I popped into town yesterday.

The high spot of the week was Tuesday when I had confirmation that recent tests show I am cancer free for the third year running. Right then I knew that it wouldn’t matter if nothing else happened this week, as I had just had the best news in the world!

In remarkably good spirits, I finished re-editing Anita’s book Secrets and we have finally agreed on a brand new cover. Now all I have to do is make all the changes across the board. On Amazon, Lulu, our website, Goodreads and everywhere else, which for the moment escape me.

The one low spot in my brilliant week.

Right in the middle of a very productive writing session, my pc seemed to freeze. I immediately thought the worst. Firefox has been having an almost daily wobble, crashing and everything, which I sincerely hope is their problem and not mine, but faced with a dead machine, I thought it might be all over bar the shouting.

On investigation, however, I discovered that the mouse had died.

I have had this mouse for years and never gave a thought of it dying on me.

Luckily, I had a spare wireless mouse in the drawer, and once I realised I actually had to change the battery and switch it on, I was back in business!

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