Television and the Craft of Writing Fiction

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Hi, SEers. This is one of those months with a fifth Friday. You know what that means… time for another group post! This time, we thought we’d address the subject of what fiction authors can learn about craft from television series. (We’ll try to keep it short because there are six of us.)

The Spin-off (Stargate Atlantis)

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Ciao. Staci here. I chose to look at spin-offs because I’m currently writing a spin-off (the Nightforce Security Series, spun off from theMedici Protectorate Series) and wanted to explore what makes a spin-off successful. I choseStargate Atlantis because it’s a brilliant spin-off ofStargate SG1. Each series was strong in its own right and solidified theStargate franchise as a force to be reckoned with in the sci-fi world.

So, what’s to be learned from Stargate Atlantis

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