Friday Book Cover ~ Old and New

Story Empire

Hello SE Readers! As a reader, a good cover is often the first thing that draws me to a novel, particularly with a new or unknown author. If the artwork isn’t impressive, I’m likely not going to read the blurb, let alone purchase the book.

There have been times when I liked a cover, found the blurb interesting, and purchased the book only to be disappointed. But if I were to guess, I’d estimate that ninety percent of the covers that drew me in ultimately led to a satisfying read. Such was the case when I read my first Mary Higgins-Clark novel.

Although I read a variety of genres, I prefer mystery and suspense. I still recall one evening visiting a brick and mortar bookstore with my brother in the late 1970s. I hadn’t intended to purchase anything, but while waiting for him I began to peruse the fiction section…

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