Book launch! The Yak Guy Project by C. S Boyack

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Thanks for having me over today, Sue. I’m here to talk about my newest novel, The Yak Guy Project. This is the tale of a deplorable young man who is given a second chance at life. His journey is hard, and the opportunity for failure is ever present.

Excerpts are a valid way to promote a new story. I like to have a couple of them for novels, so I’m going to share the beginning of this tale with all of you. Enjoy.


Throbbing pain in my head.
Heat. Not like The Strip at two P.M. More like a pizza oven.
The dirt burnt my face. Dust particles smelled like salt.
I rolled over. The earth crunched under me. Everything swirled bright white, yellow, and blue before my eyes. I rubbed them, and my forehead was soaked with sweat.
My vision swirled again when I sat up. Salt…

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