There’s Gold in Them Thar . . . Trunk Novels

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Welcome to a new week and the last day of April, friendly SEers! You’re with Mae today, and I’d like to chat about trunk novels.

We’ve all got ’em—some more than most. Trunk novels are how we cut our writing teeth, and for the most part, they should (usually) stay in the trunk. After all, they were a learning curve. A few of mine have even spilled over into the trash. Hopeless dreck that will never see the light of day. But occasionally, there’s gold to be found in them thar trunk novels—that gem of an idea you spun several decades ago when you were struggling to manage POV or scene setting.

golden nuggets in tin pan at water's edge

I give you . . .

The Lifespan of a Trunk Novel

Some of you probably weren’t even born, but in ’88 I wrote a novella that would ultimately spawn a long life. Why do I remember…

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