With Love…

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When a young mother could not bear to discard her first baby’s clothes, she decided to make them into a keepsake for her daughter. That baby was my granddaughter, Hollie and three years later, Hollie was joined by Imogen.

Laura, their mother, kept everything… making them gorgeous family scrapbooks, patchwork quilts, and stuffed toy keepsakes with their outgrown clothes and special outfits. Not only was I impressed by her skill with a needle, I loved how much care she put into the designs, cherishing each memory for future years in a very practical way.

Laura writes, “I was on maternity leave after the long-awaited arrival of my daughter, Hollie Olivia. I wanted to keep hold of as many memories as I possibly could. So when it came to her outgrown clothes, passing them on wasn’t an option. Living in a one bedroom maisonette at the time, there was nowhere to…

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