The Journey of your Muse

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The Journey of your Muse

Interfering buggers, they are at times. I have mine stepping into each other’s stories, trying to take control turning a book from a romance into a mystery romance. They really don’t play ball most of the time. If this isn’t enough the characters come crowding into my office and attack me because I’m not writing their story.

I’m not sure I know where I am or what I am doing – author wise. Not that I want them to go away either. The muses have already done that once when I was still in New Zealand. They all went for a Summer holiday in the Northern Hemisphere…Lazing around on their butts, ignoring me and my writing needs. Luckily, I had my publishing to do with various clients along with my Marketing Magazine.


I love working with people. Some of my favourites so far:


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