Clearing Back the Years

Walking with a Smacked Pentax

The Panorama Stones in Ilkley are an oddity.

Situated next to a church just outside the town centre, and surrounded by a 5 ft high steel fence with a locked gate designed to protect them against vandals, they are 3 large stones covered in feint Bronze Age carvings.

The stones were originally situated on the moors above the town, but in 1890 the stones were moved from their rural home to their new location, as the part of the moor on which they were situated on was due to be quarried. Dr. Little, who bought the stones in order to save them for posterity, was obviously a man possessing great foresight and vision, as normally the stones, like so many others before, would just be destroyed.

The stones now sit next to a small park near St. Margaret’s church with a wooden information board stating their age and origin. Unfortunately…

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