Can Altering a Blogging Schedule Effect Readership?

The Long and Short Stories of Life

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I have to confess that, lately, I’m more a blogger than an author, and it has become a dilemma. If I quit blogging regularly, readers who look forward to at least four posts a week may go away. If I continue blogging, readers of my novel, who were looking forward to the next book in my series, may not care anymore.

Here’s my dilemma. Blog posts need to be thought out carefully to honor our readers’ time. My posts are often light or funny, and it takes time to place a message inside the humor.

I edit each piece as carefully as I can. That doesn’t mean they’re 100 percent error free (I struggle with commas), but I make a post as clean as I can. Blog posts reflect our writing and, ultimately, the reader’s decision to read our novels.

Next, art and photos have to be analyzed, selected, and…

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