Ani’s Advent – The coconut confession…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Dear Santa, as you’re coming soon
I have a small confession,
I ask for that forgiveness
You can grant at your discretion.

I have this little problem,
I did not do as I ought,
And now I am in trouble,
‘Cause, dear Santa… I got caught.

I had to jump up on her knee,
‘Cause it was half-past dinner…
She needs reminding sometimes
Else I’d soon be getting thinner!

“Oho! Small dog,” she said to me,
“I don’t think you’ll be needing
An awful lot to eat tonight.
You really don’t need feeding…”

“Of course I do,” I answered her,
“I ate at six this morning!”
“But what about the coconut?
That was your final warning….”

I know. I have a problem here,
That was an aberration…
The thing just dangled, tantalised…
I can’t resist temptation!

She puts these coconuts outside
To feed my feathered buddies,
All filled with fat…

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