Word Weaver Writing Contest – WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT UPDATE!

Dan Alatorre

img_2351-2 your humble host

I’m kicking around an idea, and I’d like your thoughts.

You know how at the Miss America contest they do rounds of winners?

They eliminate a bunch of candidates and narrow the field, eliminate another bunch and then they narrow it down some more…

…until they have only a few contestants onstage waiting to see who won.

Can you see my evil grin?


Well I am doing that, but I am not letting the blog followers and others know that I’m doing it. I chose my group of finalists, and the celebrity judges are making their selections from that group, but the contestants don’t know where they are in the ranking.

I wonder if it would make it more exciting if I let everyone know who is a finalist before I announce the winners?

  • Like, say on Sunday the 17th I said here are the X number…

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