Ani’s Advent Invitation: What is magic? A holiday story (and a new book!) from Allie Potts

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

So, the question is a bit of an odd one around here, what with my two-legs being a bit weirdly inclined and all… What is magic? For me, magic is finding the fridge door, or the back gate left open… or my boys coming to play. That might be the best of all. But Christmas magic is waking up to find a whole Christmas tree decorated with tennis balls! It even had a chicken star on top!

She couldn’t have done it, ’cause I keep an eye on her every morning, just in case there is any chance of her going into the cupboard where my treats are kept. And there was no-one else there, so it must have been Santa!

She says magic means different things to everyone. I s’ppose she’s right. I don’t think the fish would have been impressed with a tennis ball tree. They got fresh…

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