Smorgasbord Christmas Posts from Your Archive – My Dad’s a Goldfish – Our last Christmas with him by Mary Smith.

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Welcome to the Christmas posts from Your archives and today the first of two posts from Mary Smith. Mary’s father suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease which meant that events such as Christmas were all the more poignant and a time to be together.  I think this post echoes the sentiments of all of us who have cared for parents with dementia.

My Dad’s a Goldfish – Our last Christmas with him by Mary Smith.

I suppose the approach of Christmas will always now be tinged with sadness. Our last Christmas together was 2013. From time to time during 2014 we thought he’d make it to the next one – and he almost did, dying three weeks before.

Christmas 2013 was unforgettable for several reasons. For one thing, Wee-sis and I felt it might be the last Christmas in which the Goldfish would be able to participate and enjoy it all –…

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