Help Needed!

I am having trouble making decisions today, so I thought I would ask for some help.

I’m not happy with the cover on my novella, Apple Blossom. The story of fighting my way through Cancer. The one I chose seems to be totally the wrong colour.

But what do you think?


Original Cover


New Cover?


Thanking you all in advance!  If this gets to be a habit, I may call upon you more often!

40 thoughts on “Help Needed!

  1. Visually, I like the second one better, it’s stronger, but … if you hadn’t mentioned it was about your journey with cancer, I wouldn’t’ve known what the book was about. The new tag line offers a bit more info, but not the hook that it’s about cancer survival.

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  2. Hi Jaye. I prefer the second one. The contrast is better, and the lettering more ‘definite’. I wouldn’t worry about other colours as long as what you have shouts ‘health’ – which, to me, the second one does much more than the first.

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  3. I’m going to ask the significance of the book title? To me blossom means: spring, new life, young life, new hope, new awareness. Apple says: wholesome, healthy, rosy, ‘apple a day keeps the doctor away’ stuff. Green says: health, new life, abundance.
    Could this be why you’re not feeling the fit?
    When I think of cancer I go towards the rotten apple side, the death of healthy cells.
    Could you focus on the result of your fight? Like an Indian summer? Or a reemergence, or a spring/ summer flower blooming in winter?
    Not sure? I’m just throwing some thoughts out there.

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  4. My initial reaction favors the warm green of the first cover. The second one is colder, yet presents a stronger image, thanks to the big blossom, and has a much stronger tag than the generic “my story.” Still, I’m not the buyer you’re targeting. Will be interesting to see how others weigh in here.

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