Delaney And So It Began (Delaney Book 1) by @OwenMullen6 @BloodhoundBook #SundayBlogShare

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I’m delighted to be sharing my stop on the blog tour for Delaney And So It Began with the lovely Joanne from My Chestnut Reading Tree.


A serial killer is targeting children appearing in pageants, whisking them away from under their parents’ noses. His niece is also entering the pageants and the New Orleans Police Department want Delaney to go under cover, without telling his sister and her family. Omitting the truth doesn’t sit well with Delaney but the perpetrator is running rings round the police. There don’t appear to be any leads to follow and no clues left at the crime scenes.

Meanwhile Julian Boutte, in a safe house guarded by FBI agents after making a deal to give evidence in a trial, escapes after shooting the agents. Boutte wants revenge. Delaney killed his brother when the two of them abducted, mutilated and murdered a female victim…

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