Here’s to my boys…

Stevie Turner

I answered a question on Quora yesterday regarding things nobody tells you about having children.  I’ve had two sons, both of whom survived the perils of childhood and are now in their thirties with children of their own.  Believe me, I’ve been to hell and back at times with these two little darlings.

In Chania, Greece in 1995025.jpg

Here’s my list of things that nobody ever tells you about having boys.  I can’t comment about having daughters as I’ve never had any (although the second comment below would equally apply), so perhaps somebody else can add a few answers for girls below:

  • Those first 5 years or so when you’re running around like a lunatic trying to stop him from killing himself.
  • The embarrassment in a shop because you’re living on one wage, and you hold up the queue in order to take things out of your trolley at the checkout because you haven’t got…

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