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I saw several frantic people today, upset that a local store had run out of bottled water. Why? I don’t get it. Unless your tap water isn’t potable, why do you need bottled water for anything? It costs more per gallon than gas, and is one of the major elements of trash fished out oceans and lakes, or raked up from woods.

I use refillable drinking containers to take water with me when I go out. And when a storm is coming, I fill large, clean containers with all the water we could possibly use. We happen to have two 20-gallon containers with dispensing spouts, which we fill for cooking and drinking. But any clean container will do. Milk jugs, juice bottles, even big soup pots.

For washing and flushing, we fill the CLEANED bathtub, and dip a pail full of water into the sink, or pour into the toilet bowl…

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