Introducing…Georgia Rose and Her Latest Book Parallel Lies #romantic #crime #thriller


Georgia Rose is one of my favorite writers and bloggers, and she has a new book coming out, called Parallel Lies, on September 12th.I thought it might be nice to give all y’all (that’s plural of y’all) a preview so I asked her to visit me today.

Her gift to my followers is her favorite scene in Parallel Lies. When I asked her to pick, here is what she said:


Oooh! Decisions, decisions. How on earth do you pick a favourite? Many in Parallel Lies had their moments, while some I would not want to repeat. It came down to something involving one of my favourite characters, Diane, who has already been described in a review as ‘a wonderfully free spirited woman in her 60s’.

My protagonist, Madeleine, Maddy to her friends, and Diane are very close and some of the best conversations happen between them. I…

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