A Tentative Return, or more Questions than Answers.

Laurie's Photos and Musings

If anyone is still out there, “Hello.” If not, well here I am again. It’s been a long time between drinks as it were and I thought that it was about time I paid a visit to WordPress world. Life goes on, people come and go and interests change. Do I still write novels? No. Have I read any? Nope, not a thing in over two years. I bought several last year, they’re still unopened on the nightstand. Sad I know but that’s how things are. Do I still take photos? Yes indeed, they’re better than what I’ve posted on here in the past. Will I be putting up heaps of them every week? Probably not, one or two to share and chat about will be my limit. It’s taken a lot of deep thought, foreign I know, for me to come back. My reason for dropping out last time…

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