Why #Writers Need Stubborn Hearts #SundayBlogShare #MyStubbornWriterHeart ❤️

Lucy Mitchell

During a moment of writing frustration last week I fell into the soothing and comforting arms of Pinterest.

After some rapid pinning action and a few scrolls I found this image.

As I stared at the quote, I clutched a large glass of wine and wedged a giant slab of chocolate into my mouth (nearly dislocating my jaw). All my best thinking is done in the presence of a chilled rose and a nice bit of chocolate. I told myself magic would happen if I didn’t give up on this piece of writing and the universe would fall in love with my stubborn writer heart.

I returned to my writing and sat there, giving it a few filthy looks and then eye rolling it. Magic did happen…eventually…in the small hours when the house became silent.

Some might say the wine and chocolate helped me through this bad writing moment, but…

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