Eliza Waters

IMG_8886Millions of Americans witnessed yesterday’s solar eclipse, either through special glasses, livestreamed online or through pinhole devices. Where I live, we were predicted to have only 60% totality, so I wasn’t all that hyped. However, out of curiosity, I created a pinhole in a piece of paper and with it casting a shadow on another piece of paper, went outside from time to time to view the eclipse. Underwhelming, at best.

Inside, I worked on my laptop in between checking outside. Around the 2:45 p.m. peak, I glanced down and saw the above. My closed blinds created the perfect pinhole viewer!

I then went into my sunspace, which has a trellis with vines growing on it to reduce heat buildup, and saw in the shadows on the tiled floor many little crescents. I was delighted! Who needs those special glasses anyway?


Special thanks to Val for sharing Evolutionary Mystic’s post

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