Tuesday Newsday – 3rd August

Stevie Turner

A while ago my daughter-in-law published a Facebook post to ask where she could buy a fidget spinner.  I laughed out loud and replied ‘the fidget spinner shop’, because I had never heard of a fidget spinner, and I thought she was joking.

But no, it seems that fidget spinners are the new children’s craze.  Kids love them, but parents and teachers are not so enamoured.  These contraptions are supposed to help children deal with stress who suffer with conditions such as autism, but now they are a playground must-have.


Safety fears have been raised about some of the spinners on sale on eBay. Tests found that spinners in the shape of a ‘shuriken’, an offensive weapon in the UK, can damage eyes and puncture skin.  EBay has confirmed they will be removed from the site.  BBC Watchdog also bought 5 fidget spinners from local shops, which did not pass…

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