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Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“I don’t know what to do…” Just from the tone of voice on the phone, I was already getting my things together. He explained. And I really couldn’t believe my ears. “A baby bird flew into the kitchen… jumping up and down isn’t going to do you much good, mate… I’ve opened the window but it isn’t going anywhere.”
“Want me to come down?” I was already locking the door.
“Might be an idea…”

What are the chances? First, I have a young wren chirping at me on my keyboard, then, five miles away, a baby bird flies into my son’s home. I would say it isn’t every day that birds fly into your home but…

Thankfully, in the time it took me to get into town, the bird had found its way to the open window. It had just jumped out and hopped into a bush, said…

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