…and goodbye

A real fishy tale…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The encounter with the wren was a lovely start to an otherwise sort-of-sad day. I had to say goodbye to Big Pleco. Like Topsy, he just grow’d. And grow’d…till he was nearing fifteen inches long and with a girth that would need two hands to span. My aquarium is big, but not that big. At nearly half the length of the tank, he was already finding it tight and would soon find swimming impossible. I’ve been trying to acquire a larger tank or rehome him for months, as soon as I saw which way the problem was heading, but to no avail. No-one except a few monster-fish keepers want these gorgeous creatures when they get so big, but come what may, he needed to move to bigger quarters. And I had been singularly unsuccessful in finding him anywhere to go. I had asked at all the local places and…

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