In A Vase On Monday – Bleeding Hearts

Eliza Waters

My bleeding hearts (Lamprocapnos spectabilis) are coming on fantastically and were the obvious choice for today’s arrangement. The past two weeks have been quite chilly with a few nights that threatened frost, but luckily we’ve squeaked through without any damage to these delicate flowers. The weather is helping the bulbs last longer, so we continue to enjoy the prolonged deliciousness of spring.

While I’ve written that I don’t grow tulips because of our vole problem, there are a few that still come up that were planted next to the foundation.  Tulipa ‘Creme Upstar’ have a peachy blush that I love.

The Narcissi are from a fragrant naturalizing mix – I believe they are ‘Thalia’ and ‘Cheerfulness’ and the sulfur yellow may be Jonquilla N. ‘Trevithian.’

The star-shaped leaves are flowering raspberry (Rubus odoratus). The jug has little heart-shaped flowers on it that are a perfect match for the bleeding hearts.

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