Work in Progress… or Plain Sailing!


I have been sticking like glue to my routine with this new project, determined to finish it no matter what else is going on.  See previous post here

I write at least 1000 words first thing every morning, regardless of any other work, research or queries that I do later in the day. Although this might seem like ‘baby steps’ to some writers, I am more than happy with the results.

In the previous post, I remember saying that this project would be comparatively easy, as I had the journal to go by.The journal that I kept, with all the dates and information about the journey we undertook almost 40 years ago.

That seemed to be true at the time, but having started to write it, I find it won’t be easy after all. On the surface, all the facts seem to be there. But when I decided to use a map to keep track of the routes we took, I discover gaps in the entries, leaving no clue as to how we got from A to C. Sometimes we seem to have jumped from one location to another with no visible clue as to how we got there! My memory is no help either, for how many of us can remember in specific detail, what we did 40 years ago?

So no, it won’t be plain sailing after all. A good title there, though, I think.

Despite all the drawbacks, I am enjoying myself, which was the reason for undertaking this project in the first place. I am thoroughly enjoying the walk down memory lane (even though the route is full of potholes!) We were all so young and optimistic back then, none of us with any idea of how our lives would turn out.

This new book, apart from being a light-hearted account of a family journey, will stand as a testament to the enduring strength of our family. For, despite life’s turmoil, we are still united as a family and well deserving of this tribute.

That’s if  I manage to locate and fill all the pot holes!


PS:  One of my favourite authors, Valerie Poore,  has just published a similar journey, “Faring on a shoe” and I have already bought a copy to see how an expert handles this genre!


A travel51oroymmfil-_ac_us218_ogue about a dream come true. After seven years of owning their barge, Hennie-Ha, seven years involving catastrophe and crisis, Val and her partner finally go ‘faring‘ to France for the first time.

This travelogue is about the places they visit and the people they meet along the canals on their route from the Netherlands, through Belgium and into northern France.

It tells a gentle story about how they experience their life on board during the four weeks they spend cruising.

Written as a journal, the reader joins them on their travels through rain and shine and reveals how day by day, Val learns to cast aside the stresses and demands of the real world and to appreciate life’s simplest of pleasures to the full.

There will, of course, be a review forthcoming!

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