Teaching: A shock to the system

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!


I haven’t written for several days, haven’t wanted to – haven’t had the energy, the spirit, the free-flying imagination. My mood has been subdued, exhausted, borderline tearful as I struggle to adapt to a life back in the classroom after so many years out of it.

I had forgotten how insular schools can be. I had forgotten the extent to which schools paste a politically reassuring smile over chaos. I had forgotten the overt lying, the casual disregard of supply teachers, the competitiveness – and, above all, the desire to appear superior to anyone else when it comes to handling difficult children. I know. I was in the system. I held some of these views, espoused some of these specious causes, myself. I am, in some ways, being hoist on my own arrogant petard.

But, after just six days, I have a message to schools up and down the country…

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