Horizontal in Dubai

Sun in Gemini

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I’m not known for toilet humour. I’m sure it has its place, but, usually, not in my blogs.

One of the undoubted reasons for this is that, when on long journeys, my wife and I are, as we describe it, somewhat ‘anally’ fixated when it comes to planning our day vis-a-vis toilet visits. We’re not talking trivial liquids, here; we’re talking the expulsion of the stuff that leaves you feeling like a member of the Adams Family if you don’t…

For this reason, on the day of travel, we rise early, get as much tea down us as possible and, if necessary, jump up and down a lot… Sometimes it works… Sometimes it doesn’t and leaves the rest of the day stretching ahead like an interminable misery. A constitutional visit somewhere over India on a Boeing ‘Dreamliner’ in economy-class? No thank you!

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