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The little cardboard carton had a yellow sticker afixed to its side, indicating a much-reduced price. The wilted shoots did not look hopeful. The bin of dying flowers was destined for the supermarket’s trash, yet amongst them there were plants… a cyclamen and a pot of miniature daffodils. The cut flowers were dying because they had been cut from their roots, disconnected from their source of life. The plants, however, were simply dying through lack of care.  For the price of a loaf of bread, I brought them home.


I fed, watered and trimmed them, gave them light and warmth. I talked to them too. It may or may not help the plants, but it helps me. It creates a connection by acknowledging their life and being… and through that connection comes a commitment to their care. After weeks of one-sided conversation, the cyclamen has answered and graces my desk…

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