.., Woof! Woof!…is Author, David Robertson barking mad?… or just being a writer?

Seumas Gallacher

…this ‘ere blog caters to Guest Posts in most languages, even Doggiespeak… as witness this canine contribution from my Chum, (see what I did there, Mabel?), Author David Robertson… enjoy…


Oh hello, nice to see you again.

No, that’s very perceptive of you, I’m not Seumas.

But he has kindly lent me his blog because I have a bit of news.


I am, yes. That bloke who wrote DOGNAPPED!

I’m pleased you remembered.

Well I have that trouble myself to be honest, can never remember a name – but at least you remembered the book, so that’s a start.


Oh, it’s on the tip of your tongue. O.k. I’ll leave it until the end – see if you can dredge it up from the depths of your memory in the meantime.

I’m exactly the same, I like to try to figure these things out for myself…

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