Scarlet Ribbons…


For the next five days, Scarlet Ribbons will be FREE on Amazon, as part of their promotion scheme. This is my favourite book of Anita’s and has been well received so far. Just a bit short on the reviews though, which means we are limited as to how we can promote it. With just a few more reviews, we could really start to get somewhere.

Please click on the link to get your free copy?

Here is a short excerpt to wet your whistle…

“As I lay on the cold, ceramic tiled floor, I remember thinking, I’ve seen this film. The heroine wakes up in a clean hospital bed, her make-up hardly smudged and hair still neatly in place. There will be a handsome hero by the bedside, holding her hand and gazing adoringly into her eyes.

But it wasn’t a film star lying on that shop floor, it was me, and my Jack was holding me, his hands shaking, telling me that everything was going to be all right. I couldn’t tell him that I’d seen the film and knew they lived happily ever after, because just then someone turned out all the lights, leaving me in total darkness. Everything vanished, the blinding strips of fluorescent lighting, the chilly, rain spattered floor-tiles, and mercifully, all the pain.

The faces that had been looking down at me had gone, but I could still hear Jack’s voice, a long way off, saying my name over and over again.

Someone else was talking now. A man was telling Jack that it was all right, ‘We’ll take care of her now, mate. Stand back and let us do our job.’

I felt my body being lifted and the pain returned in a blinding rush, tearing its way through my body. I screamed, and the darkness dragged me away, where there were no thoughts or memories, just a warm feeling of peace. In the darkness time ceased to exist and I was in no hurry to find a way out, back to the pain.”