That Way Madness Lies…

This post was partly created as the direct result of reading Eleanor’s post, from and the thought provoking image that accompanied it.



For the past month, I have been driving myself insane trying to come up with an idea for new covers for my soon to be finished Crime Thriller Series.

This came about, because it struck me that the covers I had already chosen were unsuitable. In my opinion, they didn’t reflect the genre or anything about the storyline, and as the last book was almost ready, time was of the essence.


BUT . . . the harder I tried, the harder it became. It was turning into a nightmare, keeping me awake at night and completely ruining my established schedule. I couldn’t concentrate on anything else, making ever more ridiculous covers, each one worse than the last.

I think the trouble was that they were for a series. Something had to link them all together. I even looked for ready- made covers, but didn’t like any of them either. I began to realise I was in danger of coming unglued. The family were beginning to avoid me, and I would have avoided me too, if I could.

I scanned Amazon, searching through different genres. I prowled around bookshops, but nothing seemed right. Anita was worrying about my ears, likening me to Van Gogh, expecting the worst.

I knew I had to come up with something, and soon, or my three books were in danger of going nowhere, languishing in a drawer, coverless.


No, they deserved good covers, good covers are important. I had to do something. In the end, I resolved to create three covers that looked attractive with a shared theme.  Although the idea that I wanted them to look dramatic and intriguing haunted me, but was proving to be impossible for me to do.

It began to dawn on me that I might never find what I wanted. That it was yet another unattainable thing, like searching for the Holy Grail. The secret, I knew, was in the looking, not the finding. It was then that I stepped away from my obsession, finally recognising it for what it was. A symbol of the futility of everything in my life, that endless search for perfection.


That was when I found Eleanor’s post.




Here are the covers I started with . . .


And here are the final covers . . .



Please don’t be afraid to tell me what you think . . .


11 thoughts on “That Way Madness Lies…

  1. The background make it hard to judge the covers on their own merits, (green on green) but I’ll give it a go.

    First up though, I have nothing but admiration for the amount of time and effort (blood, sweat, tears,and expletives) that go into creating cover art.

    They really do reflect the genre and have quite an eerie feel to them. Nicely done.

    The transparent titles make it hard to read them especially at thumbnail size. They don’t necessarily need to lose it altogether, maybe a bit more solid though?

    I like how they’re linked together by theme and colour, however the first two having the same image makes them look too similar.

    If I looked at the font you used for your name in isolation, I’d think I was about to read a historical romance. I like that it’s different from the title font, but maybe something a bit blockier would tie in with the rest of the cover elements?

    I like how the reflection image in Broken Lives draws the eye in to the title. Nice touch.

    The fade-to-black around the edges frames them neatly. It’ll also make ’em stand out as thumbnails on a white background.

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