In A Vase On Monday – Summer Sun

Eliza Waters

IMG_4424Seeing Cathy’s (Words and Herbs) sunflower vase last week, I was reminded that I hadn’t used my sunflower pocket vase this year.  So, here it is, hand-painted in Ecuador by Artesa.

IMG_4428The large flowers are, of course, sunflowers (Helianthus annuus). I love the coppery blush on the largest one. No ID as it is from the CSA farm where we have we have a weekly share pick-up.

IMG_4427The yellow daisies are woodland sunflower (Helianthus divaricatusand the grass is yellow fox-tail (Setaria pumila).

IMG_4423I recently learned that certain foxtail grasses create a problem with livestock and pets, because the barbed seed heads can embed in flesh, entering through ears and nose, where they can fester. Like in a horror film, some cases have resulted in death when the barb migrates to the heart or brain. The particularly troublesome species to watch for is Foxtail barley (Hordeum jubatum)…

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