Flower Arranging 101

what a glorious day!

Eliza Waters


“A joy that’s shared is a joy made double.”  ~ Chinese Proverb

Today dawned clear and sunny, a beautiful day to share with good friends.

Two of my neighbors came over this morning to pick flowers to make arrangements. The youngest you may recognize as my Violet Tea friend. We all share a love of flowers (and board games, craft art and UNO).

IMG_4158I gave them each a bucket of water in which to place their cut flowers and set them loose in my garden. I taught them where to cut in order to leave buds for future blooming and how to clean stems of leaves that would rot under the water line.

IMG_4160 Oopsies!

There were very few flower casualties and no snipped fingers!

One must have at least one flower to tuck behind an ear!

IMG_4163Up on the deck, they set to work with their vases, arranging the flowers they had picked.

The glorious finished pieces:

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