In A Vase On Monday – Two Vases

Eliza Waters

IMG_4116I have two vases to share this week, as both are smaller than my usual arrangements. The first measures approximately 5″ wide x 8″ tall. IMG_4113To assist in arranging, I used a vintage glass frog from my mother-in-law’s collection. I was pleased to find that it fit perfectly into my small, hand-painted Ben Thomas Porcelain cup. With wide-mouthed openings, IMG_4118frogs come in handy.

IMG_4119My ‘Silver Mound’ artemisia (A. schmidtiana ‘Nana’) has budded and begged to be used. I love its delicate flowers and lacy foliage.

IMG_4117I thought it would look well with spires of pink and violet veronica (V. spicata). I then added a few stems of Johnny-jump-ups (Viola tricolor), lavender and pink sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus) and filled in with light pink cosmos (C. bipinnatus ‘Sensation Mix’).

IMG_4126IMG_4120The second vase is the result of my trimming a top-heavy sunflower that threatened to topple once the flowers set seed. I’ve been enjoying seeing goldfinches…

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