Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes Prompt #13 Entries: THE #LINKS


A LOT of great stories this week. The ones I have MUST READ beside are the ones I clicked with instantly. There are maybe three others I am itching to add a MUST READ tag to, but with some it is a habit so I thought I would spread it around this week.

A Must Read designation does NOT mean an entry is necessarily better than the other entries. It means that entry clicked with me in some way in that moment I read it.

The order appearing is the order in which the entry was received.

GL below stands for the reading Grade Level. Harry Potter is a GL of around 5. Tolkien is around GL 6.5. Passive Sentence percentage is included as Active Sentences are considered the preferred form of writing by most editors and publishers. Active moves the story along. Passive is not always bad. Sometimes a…

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