Winter At Last

Snow, beautiful snow…

Eliza Waters


Winter at last! It finally looks and feels like winter out there. We received about 5 inches of snow in an overnight storm that ended at mid-day.

IMG_0908I was beginning to wonder if winter would pass us by without any significant snowfall. However, here in New England, we can receive storms into April, so it was a wait-and-see game.

IMG_0950Cottony bolls of snow caught in the forks of twigs and topped the seed heads of echinacea and monarda with little white caps in the garden .

A blustery wind chased the last of the clouds to the east and tossed the snow from branches in clumps and sparkly mists that billowed and swirled through the air.IMG_0832

A walk around showed sharp contrast between dark tree trunks and branches edged in white.IMG_0850IMG_0891Patches of blue sky spread behind silhouettes of chalk-lined oaks and tawny, rustling beech leaves danced in the breeze.

IMG_0815The river…

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