Battling the Anxiety Blues

Well said, Jenny…and thanks for all the positive aspects!

Jenny in Neverland

It would appear that this year, I’m focusing on a lot more anxiety orientated posts that I ever have before. It’s something I have and it’s something I suffer with and have suffered with for a few years. It’s also something a lot of other people have and something than doesn’t need to be a taboo subject and should be discussed openly and freely and with respect. Last year, I opened up about my own anxiety story here and just a few weeks ago, I wrote another post on how I, personally, cope with day-to-day anxiety and what tools and methods I use. Today, I wanted to write another post on “Beating the Anxiety Blues”. Those days where you feel too anxious to do anything which often leads to feeling quite down – at least, I know it does with me. So here are some things to think about when dealing…

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