Bolsover Castle

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Should you take the M1 motorway north, you might glance over to the right, somewhere around Chesterfield, and see a castle on the hilltop. For me it has always been an intriguing place and one with memories attached. It is one of those arbitrary boundaries that mark my home territory, long before I am anywhere near home.


Bolsover Castle is a strange place… part ruin, part stately home. You cannot from this distance, tell exactly what it is you are looking at. Get a little closer and the story becomes even stranger. Perched on its vantage point, Bolsover was once a Norman castle, built by the Peverel family in the 12thC. Over the next hundred years it saw battles, finally falling to William de Ferrers.


By the end of the 13thC the castle had passed through a number of hands and was falling into disrepair, until in 1608 it was…

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