On Waiting Productively, And Why There Isn’t A Word For That

Tara Sparling writes

On Waiting Productively, And Why There Isn't A Word For ThatI’m not the world’s most patient person. This is an understatement, because to tell you how impatient I am would take too long. But I was forced to spend the last fortnight in a paroxysm of waiting. It made me think about what I could learn from it, because I write a blog, so I go around trying to turn trite nothings into even triter truisms so I can beat the Internet with them until it is bloody and battered and begging for a nice cup of tea and a sit down.

Only one of the things I was waiting for was important. It was a worrying thing, and waiting for news on that score has been about as pleasurable as an audio clip of a Kardashian discussing economic reform.

But because it’s easier to worry about the small stuff than anything which really matters, particularly something out of your control, I resorted to bashing the calm out of the rest of life instead.

You Can Worry While You Wait…

First on…

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