Small dog’s log… supplemental

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You’ve heard of Aristotle and of Edgar Allan Poe,
The Iliad by Homer, I am very sure you know,
And Beowolf is famous and there’s Coleridge as well
And Lang on Scottish history, but here’s a tale to tell…
The next on the bestseller list, on Amazon for FREE
For just a few more hours.. well, it’s Laughter Lines… from me!

Thank you to those who have already downloaded a copy of my book. Okay, she says it’s hers… just ‘cause her name’s on the cover… but it’s my picture… and I’m in it a lot, after all.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide whose book it is… I need to go chase sparrows…

But you can still get a copy, if you like… I might even get to number one!

Do I have to write an acceptance speech for that? I mean, the only Oscar I’ve almost…

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