Cover Story

They say every cover should tell the story, and this one demonstrates the point very well. Everyone will want to read it!

Lukes1Rule_w8997_medNothing beats the feeling of seeing your story captured in cover art. At least for me, it has always been a delight.

Some of the things I love about my upcoming release cover art … well, Luke. He’s a laborer with his own landscaping business, so he comes by those muscles through hard work. The shirtless thing — this is my 8th book, it’s women’s fiction, and it’s the first time a character is bare-chested. But this fits Luke, too, since mowing lawns in the summer can be hot work and he’s been known to strip off his shirt on 90 degree days.

You might notice a darker tone to this story … that’s because it is. While Luke and Chloe fall in love, things are falling apart around them, especially Chloe’s ex-husband. This story deals with divorce, addiction, and other dark subject matter. So that little bit of a…

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