Is this goodbye?

People laugh when I tell them this, but it’s true, things can connect to you in their own way. Not always a good way, especially in my case…

The Bingergread Cottage

There is a weird synchronicity that goes on in my funny little world. I was writing in Book 3 about a shaman connecting with the spirit of a machine. OK pick yourselves up off the floor laughing and then tell me when you don’t shout at your computer, thinking it might actually do some good.

For me, objects that “belong” develop (or have anyway) a spirit. Maybe we imbue them with our own memories, fondness or whatever but there IS something there.

Today we may have to say goodbye to my dear old Steve McQueen. He is the eldest of my motorbikes and was cobbled together from two identical and non-functional ones I bought at a military auction.
The fun of taking them both apart and re-using bits of one to make the other work, the joy of hearing Steve fire up again and the almost-audible “Wheeeeeeeeeee” he gave…even if…

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